How to Day Trade Crypto: Platforms, Investments, and Strategies

Ideally, there will be a full reversion back to a profit target, such as a moving average. However, if, for example, you’re fading the breakout of a trend, the market may be pushed against you and eat away at your profits as the breakout is realized and sentiment shifts. Range trading is one of the most popular crypto trading strategies used by both beginner and expert-level traders. To maximize your chances of earning a profit, you should use some technical analysis indicators.

I know I have given you lots and lots of information, but I think it is really important for you to understand all of the risks involved. As you will see in the above screenshot, the trader is looking at the pricing movement of USD/BTC. The green bars mean that the price has gone up, while the red bars mean that the price has gone down.

Best crypto exchange for day trading

The pullback trade is a trend trading strategy that aims to pinpoint over or underpriced entries. These trades are best executed by recognising when the market has retraced to fair value and is likely to resume its trending state. Scale into your position slowly as the market reaches the top or bottom of the range. Picking exact tops and bottoms is extremely difficult, and scaling in will help you get a good average entry price. If the range is compromised and volume starts to flow into the market, you should have a stop loss ready to execute or, if time allows, position yourself for a breakout trade. However, be careful not to rush or FOMO into your next position – a well-planned trade is a well-executed trade.

Traders should set time aside to familiarize themselves with the upcoming rules and regulations taxing profits earned from crypto. Crypto is not exempt from short-term capital gains tax, for example. For day traders, the sale of any crypto held for less than a year is taxed as marginal income.

Proven Crypto Day Trading Strategies [2023 Guide]

If you’re looking for a powerful mobile app, an unlimited demo account and the potential to diversify your portfolio massively, Plus500 is the place to be. CFDs are not offered in the U.S., they are popular around the world, and that’s where Plus500 steps in. There are no commissions on Plus500, and the platform only profits from the spreads that you pay.

  • The best time frames to look for divergences are usually within a four-hour or daily window.
  • The obvious place to hide your protective stop loss is below the low of the day.
  • High volatility suits day trading very well, so you have the right environment to succeed.

It is important for both beginners and experienced traders to understand and evaluate the risks involved before engaging in day trading. Developing a comprehensive trading plan, setting realistic profit targets, and implementing effective risk management strategies are essential steps to mitigate potential losses. The stable nature of the price levels allows for quick and easy identification. That helps traders and crypto investors to anticipate and react prudently when the price levels are tested based on the market data. These levels are inflexion points where price action is expected, either a reversal or a break.

Best Indicators for Crypto Day Trading

Crypto day traders favor range trading for its clearly defined entry and exit points, which can minimize losses. By making small profits over a short period of time, demo the range trader minimizes losses incurred by unfavorable news cycles or market conditions. One of the primary tools used by day traders is technical analysis.

It is possible for analysts to predict potential changes in stock prices by comparing this changing volume with trends in pricing behavior. When making investment decisions, OBV essentially provides investors with an objective way to measure momentum and quantify demand for a security. As a beginner, you want to at least know a few basics before you start crypto day trading. RSI stands for “Relative Strength Index,” which is a chart indicator that measures momentum by calculating the average number of gains and losses over a 14-day period.

IFCM Trading Academy

If investors are negative, critical, and discussing safeguarding their assets, the market might go downwards. This is especially useful for those who day trade Bitcoin, as one of the most popular, long-lasting arbitrage opportunities is the kimchi premium. This market inconsistency in South Korea focuses on Bitcoin, which costs much less due to national regulations.

  • There are multiple tools to monitor crypto news and market sentiment.
  • The platform boasts an intuitive user interface, ensuring a smooth experience even during the most rapid market fluctuations.
  • This can include stocks and shares like Apple, currencies like U.S.
  • By combining these two approaches, traders can gain a comprehensive understanding of the market dynamics and make more informed decisions.
  • This is when the price starts moving in the opposite direction, from a downtrend to an uptrend or vice versa.

Experimentation and learning are the keys to trading, which would surely be your toolset for executing more and more profitable trades. There is no single best crypto asset to trade in the crypto market. You should make a list of cryptocurrencies and keep monitoring them. Moving Average is one of the most popular indicators in the cryptocurrency space.

Crypto Options Trading: Practical Guide for 2023

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading is profitable if you understand how to analyze the market. Making a living day trading cryptocurrency can be a lot easier due to the high volatility nature of the crypto market. High volatility suits day trading very well, so you have the right environment to succeed. You may also be interested in reading our guide on the Best Cryptocurrencies Investments for 2019.

  • Traders seeking steady growth over an extended period may opt for long-term strategies, while those looking for more frequent opportunities may lean towards short-term strategies.
  • Both types of news, global and crypto, have a significant impact on the market state.
  • Day traders leverage scalping strategies not to get big wins, but to build up dozens or hundreds of little wins.
  • This strategy requires patience, as most likely you have to wait for a couple of hours to fix the market tendency.
  • If it is green, it rose in value, and if it is red, it dropped in value.

These characteristics suit such cryptocurrency exchanges as Binance, Huobi, HitBTC, and many others. Unlike the regular stock market, the crypto industry never sleeps so that crypto exchanges work 24/7. Immersed in the world of finance, one has probably tried to trade cryptocurrency at least once. Cryptocurrency day trading is different from the one provided by a traditional stock market.

Day Trading Strategies in Cryptocurrency

Remember that while larger investments increase your potential profits, they also increase your risk. Because cryptocurrencies are so volatile, this is especially important. The RSI divergence strategy is more advanced than this and can be used to identify when the price trend will change direction before it happens.

  • In volatile crypto markets, these setups present themselves often, so there’s a good chance you won’t have to wait long for a setup.
  • Picking exact tops and bottoms is extremely difficult, and scaling in will help you get a good average entry price.
  • Once you’ve chosen a platform for trade and a crypto asset to trade, the next step is to fund your account with an initial investment capital.
  • But you first need to understand in-depth how to day trade crypto so you don’t make unnecessary losses.
  • Day trading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, etc., is a great way to make money from home.
  • However, some day trading strategies, such as scalping, expose traders to less risk and more trading opportunities.

It works by looking for discrepancies between the price and the RSI indicator. Normally, both the price and the RSI move in roughly the same direction. However, there are times when the price is falling – but the RSI is rising, and vice versa. This only happens when there’s a subtle shift in buying or selling volume and is a tell-tale sign that momentum is in the early stages of reversing.

Bitcoin Strength Indicator (BSI)

If liquidity is low, the best available price may not be optimal, resulting in an instant offside trade or a larger-than-expected loss – this is known as slippage. This can help you gauge where to place your stop loss and get a feel for the market. Opening a position can also be a confidence booster, you know you’re committed to the trade, focused and ready to execute. Remember that breakouts are rarely clean, as traders often make a last-ditch effort to push the market back and fade the initial move. Taking losses is an inevitable part of trading, so make sure they are well calculated and accounted for as part of your trading plan. Once you’ve locked in some profits, it can be a good idea to leave some size on your position or move your stop loss to break even.

  • As I mentioned earlier, day traders look to make quick, short-term gains, which can be lower than 1% per trade.
  • To become a professional in any field, the most important thing is – practice.
  • Day trading crypto refers to a trading process in the cryptocurrency market where traders enter and exit the market within a single day.
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Most arbitrage opportunities are fleeting and caused by human error. When traders notice the price differences, their trades balance the difference. – I love the crypto market because short-term trading strategies, which I typically use on a daily chart, work like a charm on intraday.

Which Cryptocurrency is Best for Day Trading?

Indicators provide you with data, and then you create strategies using the data. In more detail, indicators are the data or analysis that you get from looking at charts and figures. You then combine that data and analysis from several indicators to create a strategy that includes when you will buy and when you will sell. The best time frames to look for divergences are usually within a four-hour or daily window. These time frames tend to show stronger shifts in the mid-to-long-term trend.

  • Trade a small amount of your funds and don’t put all your money into trading.
  • Regularly monitoring price movements, volume, and market sentiment can provide valuable insights for making profitable trades.
  • Staying informed about the latest news in the cryptocurrency industry is essential.
  • Experimentation and learning are the keys to trading, which would surely be your toolset for executing more and more profitable trades.
  • You can apply different trading strategies in different situations, depending on the nature of the market and your competencies.

There are many techniques day traders use to make gains on short-term fluctuations in the crypto markets. A crypto day trader should devise a winning strategy backed by research, with well-laid plans for when to enter and exit their positions. Understanding and accounting for volatility is a day trader’s best friend. The volatility of a market refers to the unpredictability of crypto price movements.

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