Wooden Sofa

We have wooden chairs in various sizes, designs and shapes. Our Wooden Chairs are carved and we do also have in Brass Inlay and White Inlay work. Our Wooden chairs are durable and made up of good quality wood to ensure high durability and tear resistance. Our Wooden Chairs can stand in any weather conditions.

We do proper polishing and finishing these wooden chairs to develop the look of the room where it is placed. Definition of Wooden Chairs :- A piece of furniture consisting of a seat, legs, back, and often arms, designed to accommodate one person.

We have wide range of armchair, backrest, back, barber chair, chair of state,a long chair; for reclining, folding chair ,feeding chair, highchair, ladder-back, garden chair, lawn chair , rocking chair, side chair, straight chair, tablet-armed chair , wheelchair.

Our Wooden chairs remain a solid and furniture makers throughout the world. Durable yet inexpensive, wooden chairs are for dining or occasional use are a preferred natural alternative in both contemporary and traditional styles. Wooden chairs make the perfect addition and add a touch of class to any room. We have a very wide range of designs to choose from in the comfort of your home all offered to you at the best possible prices.

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  • Applications: HandCarfts
  • Color: Wood Polished
  • Material: Wood
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