Wooden Decorative Square Chess Set

Rana Overseas is the leading manufacturer, Supplier and exporter of Wooden Dices, Wooden Solitaire, Wood Labyrinth and Wood Tic tac toe games, We have a wide range of Games.
The wooden dice shaped dice box is inlaid with the circular brass spots. It is the perfect choice to keep and organize the dices when not in use. Carry your dices in this premium wooden storage case while travelling, friends home stay, etc.
This wooden dice set is a fantastic pairing for game day school rewards and prizes for children. You never worry again about misplacing a die or not enough when creative your own games. These dice and case are fashioned out of Indian hardwood, making it good in weight and maximally durable.

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  • Available Sizes: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 20
  • Applications: Wooden Decorative Square Chess Set
  • Color: Wooden
  • Material: Wooden
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