Triquetra Wooden Carved For Incense Stick

Rana Overseas Inc Manufacturer and Exporter of Wooden Incense Plate Holder. We have wide range and different Design and sizes in Wooden Incense Plate. Can be used in Home, Dining table, Office Space and Outdoor
After lighting your incense, you can enjoy the relaxing aromas of your favorite incense as it drifts gently around your room.
Made using strong and durable Rosewood – one of the finest timbers available
An elegant gift for all occasions
Durable and easily cleaned, a beautiful decoration at home.
Suitable for different places such as living room, study, bedroom, yoga room, etc.
Artistic and Beautiful Incense Stick and Dhoop plate
This incense burner can be used for stick, cone or coil incense, very good home decoration collection.

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  • Available Sizes: 4"x4" Inch
  • Applications: Triquetra Wooden Hand Carved For Incense Stick
  • Color: Wooden
  • Material: Wooden
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