Soapstone Magical Incense Round Stick Holder

A perfect gift to someone who loves eastern accessories.
Perfect handmade craft with unique style.
Durable and easily cleaned, a beautiful decoration at home.
Suitable for sticks, cones or coil incenses.
Can also be used for cone incense.
After lighting your incense, you can enjoy the relaxing aromas of your favorite incense as it drifts gently around your room
Dish features many holes for incense sticks and a central brass plate for an incense cone.
Symbolically, burning of “incense sticks” in a slow manner but with full fragrance reminds us that our physical body is also getting into ashes, just like a burning agarbatti, slowly and steadily and therefore we should use our body to spread fragrance all around by doing good for others.

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  • Available Sizes: 4"x4" Inch
  • Applications: Soapstone Magical Incense Round Stick Holder
  • Color: Soapstone Finish
  • Material: Soapstone
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