Soapstone Jewellery Box 83

Rana Overseas Manufacturer and Exporter of Hand Crafted Decorative Soapstone boxes and We have wide range of Soapstone Boxes. We have various Size and various designs.Table Top Home Decoratives Soapstone Boxes.

This box would be the perfect size for rings, a necklace or two, special memory items, homemade products, and much more! In addition this box could be used as a unique engagement ring box, for that special someone. Whatever you decided to do with your box, this small container will be a focal point of interest and you’ll be sure to have people asking about it. The stone used is called Soapstone, a beautiful easily engraved and carved stone. Some Soapstone varieties include cream, green, brown, tan, and grey. Finely developed rectangle shaped box has been handmade from soapstone.

This soapstone jewelry box is decoratively carved and uniquely shaped box has been hand crafted to perfection by Indian artisans using traditional skills. This box has been hand crafted from soapstone, renowned for its durability and beauty. For centuries, it has been used in India for traditional carving. Soapstone is composed of mineral talc and is rich in magnesium and is known for its inherent qualities of absorbing and radiating heat.

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