Smudge Bowl Colored Tree of Life

Rana Overseas Inc Manufacturer and Exporter of Soapstone Smudge Bowls. We have wide range and different sizes in Soapstone Bowls. Wonderful as a scrying bowl or for snuffing and resting your smudge sticks.
This bowl has been sculpted from soapstone to depict a vivid floral pattern on its exterior.
It is a handy size for burning sage and smudge sticks. The wide mouth lets you put out your burning smudge stick by rubbing it in the bottom of the bowl. Also great for as an incense burner – half fill it with sand or salt to disperse heat (always use on a heat proof surface away from flammable items like curtains).Also the perfect size as an altar offering bowl. Filled with water or oil, it can also be used as a small scrying bowl. A truly versatile piece with a beautiful feel.

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  • Available Sizes: 5x5 Inch
  • Applications: Smudge Bowl Colored Tree of Life
  • Color: soapstone
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