Decorative Glass Bowl With Spoon

Decorative glass bowl with spoon is a multi -utility item, with beautiful metal decorative work. Use it for storing mouth fresheners or for decorative purpose or to keep your tid-bits. Drawing inspiration from the Mughal era, this perfect mix of crystal and metal adds that royal touch to your dining table and is a perfect companion for your festive parties. A perfect keep for your home, and an ideal gift on occasions of house-warming, birthdays, anniversaries. Decorate your home in sheer elegance and style by bringing home this beautiful crystal metal container from JaipurCrafts.Lay out sweets and dry fruits in the beautiful aluiminum Bowl for your guests when they come over. This Bowl is an elegant and minimalistic addition to your decorative tableware. It serves as a great gift,

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  • Applications: Decorative Glass Bowl With Spoon
  • Color: Aluminium and glass
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