Crystal Display Moon Tray

CRYSTAL HOLDER FOR STONES is how many might use this, but it is so much more. Use it as a crescent moon jewelry dish, money bowl, tumbled stones display, or even a kitchen table condiment tray! YOUR FRIENDS WILL WANT YOU TO MOON THEM – No, not in THAT way. I mean they would love for you to buy this moon tray for crystals stones as a gift for them that will get you the friend of the year aware You might be used to smaller trays, but our motto is go big or go home. WHAT WILL YOU DISPLAY? Crystals? A fancy stone? A random trinket or 2? Your gemstone collection? Ring collection? Earrings? Shot glasses? A precious gem collection? This crystal tray is very versatile! CRESCENT MOON WOOD TRAYS go excellent with a crescent moon shelf, coffin shelf, or other gothic decor items. However, even if you aren’t into that kind of thing its awesome as a stand alone small wooden tray.

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  • Available Sizes: 10"x4"x1.5"Inch
  • Applications: Crystal Display Moon Tray
  • Color: Wood
  • Material: Wood
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