Beautiful Magnifying Glass Horn Handle For Gift

Rana Overseas Inc manufacturer and Exporter of Magnifying Glasses , We have wide range of Magnifying Glass with Sea Shell Handles, Wooden Handles, Bone Handles, Horn Handles, Resin and Metal Plain and Embossed Handles.This magnifier has a magnification of 12″x5″ and is clearly visible in the field of view. Suitable for kids or the old people. It can be used for children to observe insects and explore, and can also be used for the elderly to read newspapers and magazines.
Essential tool for reading ‘fine print’, examining documents & plans, photographs and collectibles. With a high-transparency optical lens, the image is sharp and sharp, the magnification is real, and there is no astigmatism. In addition to perfect imaging, it can protects your eyes so you don’t have to worry about because prolonged use of a magnifying glass leads to impaired vision.

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  • Available Sizes: 12"x5"Inch
  • Applications: Beautiful Magnifying Glass Horn Handle For Gift
  • Material: Horn & Brass
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